General MMA Discussion & Future Lines- 2019

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by JimGunn, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. lucky

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    I think khabib will keep same gameplan for everyone and go for takedowns on all. He fears no one on the mat
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  2. JimGunn

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    Mark Cuban sold AXS TV recently and apparently the new owners fired the AXS TV Fights crew, so LFA 76 this Friday is the last show unless they get picked up by ESPN+ or somewhere else. Maybe they'll end up on Fight Pass since they are such a great feeder for the UFC.:
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  4. JimGunn

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  5. Will

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    Ufc could take a page out of these guys books on how to do weigh ins right.

  6. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    KSW 50 Risk $155.00

    Phil De Fries (-155) vs Luis Henrique $155.00 for $100.00

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