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Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by JimGunn, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Just got the scare of a lifetime when I see an email header "Important notice regarding your betonline limits" and I'm thinking 'Damnit, I just got the axe. Motherfucking cocksuckers!' And then when I download it it's only a form email reminding players of the ability to max bet and re-bet when the line changes or 61 seconds pass, whichever comes first. What a sigh of relief I just breathed.
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    Lol i panic everytime i see this email header.
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    UFC 243 Press Conference in 40 minutes, FYI:

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    One FC Bangkok Weigh-in (first time they are showing this live):

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    What a load of rubbish. Lets say its 100% true. This is the environment she operates in. This did not happen at a coffee club or walmart. It happened in a strip club.
    Ive seen much lewder actions perpetrated by women and men alike in the gogo bars of Thailand. This is either a cash grab or she needs to get over herself.

    My .2 cents.
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    Campbell McLaren, owner of Combate Americas, and one of the founders of the original UFC, is 100%, in my opinion, paying Nick Kalikas to release odds for Combate Americas and make a dedicated betting podcast for it. Smart man!:

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    Who does nick make lines for now? Was he the 1st to market? Caesars has lines for this but not bellator. They getting paid too?
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    Kalikas has a relationship with betdsi- he always mentions that they are his sponsor for The MMA Oddscast he does for all the UFC cards. I have to believe he is getting incentivized specifically somehow to handicap Combate Americas and do this CombateCast podcast, not by a sportsbook, but in my opinion, most likely by Campbell McLaren who has the biggest reason to see Combate Americas on all the gambling sites. Nick doesn't do a Bellator odds podcast for example even though they are a more notable promotion than Combate. Once those odds are released and everyone knows he does it, other books can just copy the odds without paying Nick anything which is why you are seeing them everywhere now, more so even than Bellator the day before the card. Kalikas also originates the Glory kickboxing odds you see on betdsi first which then get copied almost everywhere else.
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    Combate Americas 42 Risk $400.00

    Joey Ruquet (+375) vs Gustavo Lopez $100.00 for $375.00

    Bruno Cannetti (+375) vs Andres Quintana $100.00 for $375.00
    Bruno Cannetti (+375) vs Andres Quintana $100.00 for $375.00

    Lupita Godinez (+160) vs Felisha Magallan $100.00 for $160.00
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    Adding credence to my theory about Campbell McLaren being behind Nick Kalikas releasing the betting odds- first few minutes into the broadcast, Campbell McLaren on location cageside in Lake Tahoe, NV is telling Max Bretos and Julianna Pena in the studio about how excited he is because Caesars in Las Vegas has odds for Combate and the Argentinian faithful are betting big on their countrymen Bruno Cannetti. As am I.
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    And Max Bretos is talking odds for this prelim WMMA fight. That is not a coincidence.
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    Also Caesars logo is in La Jaula so they are a sponsor as well.
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    Have to question what was kalikas thinking opening a broad with 1 pro fight and 3-2 amateur record at -300.
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    Yeah, madness. The underdog had more amateur & pro experience and a higher BJJ belt. Also fuck Herb Dean for that half-hearted waving off of the fight which should have been a KO, not going to a decision.

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