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Hey, are you still selling your mma picks? If so, I'd like to sign up
These are my bets for tonight, on occassion i post some plays for free on this forum. Figure out how much your unit should be, and bet as close to the amounts I bet.
1 unit =$300 (for me)
Whittaker +185
Whitttaker/Souza Over 1.5 -125
Stephens -175
Mendes +350
Nelson +130
3 units each
Much smaller bets... Johnson wins in round 4 +1200
Johnson wins in round 5 +2150
Whittaker wins by 3 round decision +500
Nelson wins in round 1 +425
Sanchez wins in round 3 +800
$100 each 0.33 unit

Green wins in round 3 +3100
Williams wins in round 3 +3400
Smolka wins in round 3 +2525
$50 each 0.16 unit
Whittaker/Souza FOTN +825
Augusto Mendes wins fastest SUB +2375
Roy Nelson wins fastest KO +900
$30 each 0.10 unit
mate do you write anywhere else i can follow ? locked out of secret board and was loving your thread. cheers