UFN 161 on ESPN+ 19 Jędrzejczyk vs Waterson


I assume that the first back take and close-ish submission attempt swung that round for Waterson.
Crazy inconsistency from the judges yesterday. My 5 unit win should ultimately been a 11 unit win easy.

I had Meerschart and Pena. Meeschaert looses the split, with my bet ticket with him at+900.

Hard to accept that i loose every dec which is close. Im easily 1-19 with these splits. But i guess thats how 50/50 rolls..If i could short my own unluck at these split decisions, i would be a millionaire by now.


I was big on both of those. Brutal. But if there was no luck, we'd win every time.
We cant not bet a fighter at +900, going into round 3, and it is 1-1!

So were doing the right thing, but sometimes i question of theres any point of doing this mma betting thing when i every week get fucked so hard up my anus i cant walk the next day.

Anyway, I see Gracie believe he won the fight. With that level of obliviousness it forsee an even shorter UFC career than expected.