UFC Fight Night: Nzechukwu vs Cutelaba


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2u Kennedy +120.

I dont think it was at a pace where ion is going to tire. So im probably going to lose it.


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Good job boys. Hope everyone made out well. Had a pretty sick card but not gonna do the math till tomorrow. Been crazy last few days. Going to bed for like 16hrs then football. Foootballl. Foootballl.

See you guys on the next one as usual!


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nsac wouldn't comment on why he was prohibited from being in the corner seems to imply that it was a ufc decision.


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A lil over +14u the other day along w/ lives and everything. Got kinda lucky on the Turcios and Johnson Dec's but whatever they came thru for me. Very happy needed that weekend there. Donked off a few units on Sunday but saul goodman.