UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen


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After the cops broke up our party and took all of our drugs my buddy drank the bong water because he thought he would get high. He threw up


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What a bitch

She wasnt the greatest influence.

She gave me my first LSD trip when i was in year 8 (13-14 years old) and her way of vetting to see if i was ready was to ask if i had taken any other drugs yet. I said I have been smoking pot ( i hadnt ) and that was all she needed to decide that i could handle it. Took it later that night with zero supervision at my house with some mates on a weekend my dad was away. It was called a "big yellow foot" LSD and had a picture of the same on it.

The house party got crashed by some older randoms who stole a bunch of spirits from my dads cupboard. This random girl turns up. ( two years older than anyone else ). She is a run away. Is drinking a small bottle of whisky to herself. Chases my friend around the house with a knife she got from the kitchen. We are on the couch thinking its the funniest thing we have seen, couldnt breath, dying of laughter. It reminded me of a tom and jerry skit as the two were going in circles around and around the hall way.

Then at some point in the night this same girl is on my drive way. Spins around in a circle and lands face first on the concrete. No hands to stop her. Smashes her front tooth off. To get our "revenge" on her for chasing my friend with a knife. We fed her cold icecream when she said she was hungry. Cause we figured it would be painful. lol... Big masterminds over here.
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Ok, I gotta go boys. Which really sux because i think Kattar live could be a super strong play.
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my god did i just lose my bet on means under 1.5 tds in the last 5 seconds?! ha thats how my day's been going!


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Kattar and Kattar ko to finish off both small. Really good day for me thank you variance always ends up in your way if you get about it for long enough. Good night boys, off to the neighborhood..