UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Lewis


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I'm on Vieira itd but not confident. These last two fights are mostly action plays for me. Don't have a strong lean on either.


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Had to log in and say this...

Talk about a black cloud day.....

My aussie book had a flipped line on Kunit at end of rd 2. ++236

You have to call to bet, by the time i got threw it was 196, then dropped to 176 I threw 5u on it and was going to hit it again but didnt want to get on radars.

LOL at my luck.
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Hope u get paid. I think they're more likely to honor line error in live betting.

Fwiw i scored rd 3 and the fight for yana based on the late flurry. Ketlen did nothing with the positional advantage.


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Got this on match book. These people need to be punished for the odds they give.


Although i dont think this will be the match i get them.