UFC 244 Masvidal vs Diaz


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Had a blast at the event. Nice catching up with napes and some of my other nyc boys. Had some good korean bbq before the fights :D Security was extra tight bc of trump. Secret service was all over made us throw out our lighters bunch of fags. I was busting the balls of the dudes working the merchandise stands bc they didnt have any blagoyieee shirts hahaha. I think i was tipsy before i even walked into msg! I was acting a fool during blags fight. Whole section chanting USA USA and my drunk ass was screaming BULGARIAAA and BLAGOYEEEE hahah it was fkn great. but man, i still dont know what happened in rd 2. Thought blags got the sub and i went to take a piss, come back and they're still fighting! Sucks how the main ended, but overall it was a fun night of fights.