UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor


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Fuck man, I lost my ass on this card, bad bet on my part. Why didn't mcgregor throw the left hand more in the 3rd, probably should have took a toon up fight first. ref shoulda stood up the fight more. Kabib gonna be suspended?


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Connor looked off tonight. Similar to the mayweather fight, where his opponent never appeared to be in any danger.
Maybe the pop is gone.


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Conor looked like trash tonight. Not at all like the Mayweather fight, he did better there than i expected, but his distance and timing was all off here, and didnt seem to have a lot of pop

That party life not doing him any favours.


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no doubt, he tools him standing. Just a lot of things that make me find it hard to imagine Khabib not rag dolling him eventually and finishing in rnd 3 or sumin. Only reason Chad didnt finish him or continue to dominate was cos hed had no camp and gassed out. Now counting on a Conor that hasnt fought MMA for almost 2 years to not get tired against a bigger and better grappling beast. Also spent most of past year acting like a moron partying and causing trouble, shagging sloots in liverpool! Kavanagh had barely seen him at SBG until couple months ago. A guy who spars with Artem Lobov and Cian Cowley vs a guy who is sparring with Rockhold, Cormier, Cain etc.. Just makes me wonder! But then Conor has proven people wrong over and over again so who da fook knows
I predict deeez tingz. This the issue. As MIrin said, not the same snap as he used to have


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Conor was only great at featherweight with size advantage. power hasn’t translated. and hard to keep it flowy when your scared of takedown