Odds and Ends to comfort the gamblers


I got raped by Trump in the primaries. Took a hit in the general. I'm not happy he won, independently of that.

But this, from Lena Dunham, almost makes it all worth while.



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Even if I agree with them, there are certain people who are just so fucking arrogant and self-absorbed that I just can't stand them. She's one of them. Amy Schumer is another. In the political realm, it's Rachel Maddow. I didn't want Trump to win more than any of them. But, I have to admit, seeing their reactions is pretty hysterical. You'd swear Trump was mobilizing the homo-Gestapo as we speak.


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FWIW, here is my USD 2021 total to date. The flat spots are bets that have not settled.

Happy to say that after digging myself a hole (just playing out the last death throes of the very loose betting I started to engage in at the end of 2020) , i'm now out of the hole.

Its important to show people, that we all go through bad runs and assuming you have been doing this for long enough and have a historically profitable track record, its probably not you. Its most likely variance and an unlucky patch.

Even though I haven't had a losing year since 2012, I still get lost in my thoughts when I am on a dry run. However variance always smooths itself out over time and with proper bank roll management ( which i personally believe is either the most important thing or right up there in top 3 ) we get to see that dry spell through to the other end and reap those rewards.


I wanted to post this now before the positive number got too obnoxious. Its easy to post big profit numbers, a bit more humbling to post not so good numbers ;)


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Not feeling happy, sad or angry. Thats been me for years. I thought this was normal. Or perhaps even a sort-after quality like stocisim. Lol.