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wow CHester Bennington hanged himself now :(
Sang Hallelujah at Cornell's funeral, and today would of been his bday. Must of been major depressed about it


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yeah. Saw them live at Pinkpop 5 years ago and was one of best live performances I've ever seen.
He got sexually abused by his Father when he was a kid which led to his alcoholism and drug abuse so not really surprising that this happened I guess combined with Cornell's recent suicide


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Necro on this thread to let yall know the saddest of news,

MF DOOM has died.

I will pay tribute with my avatar, Krazy Horse will have to take a back seat for now.

This one hit hard men, grew up listening to that dude.. Throw on Madvillany if you need some tunes to relax your self.

Perfect end to this piece of shit year.