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I keep hearing about this band, but their stuff has never really grabbed me before. This track definitely intrigues me though.
I only heard it and heard of them from watching Kingdom (MMA drama series). Amazing song... very Dylan inspired


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Interesting... I guess I could see a similarity on a few of Arcade Fire's catchier tracks, but I don't think the bands are all that alike in the general sense. I'm a big Arcade Fire fan, but I think their music is more characterized by complex themes, atmospheric melodies, and Win Butler's unique vocal style. To me, Metronomy is more about straight up hooks and intriguingly quirky music videos.
I think it reminded of the Reflector song


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Not sure how many hip hop fans on here but if you don't know about this guy already then definitely check his stuff out, his album's really good. He's gonna be a big name soon, imo. A lot of talent.



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Scream of the butterfly at 23.38 is my favorite..

00:00 - 06:13 ''The Blue''
06:13 - 10:27 ''Tranquilized''
10:27 - 12:41 "Cheap Vodka"
12:41 - 18:45 "Finger Paintings of the Insane"
18:45 - 23:38 "Jezebel"
23:38 - 29:52 "Scream of the Butterfly"
29:52 - 35:56 "Dr. Seuss Is Dead"
35:56 - 41:15 "Dope Fiend"
41:15 - 46:16 "Toubabo Koomi"
46:16 - 51:16 "God Machine"
51:16 - 55:21 "The Morticians Flame"
55:21 - 58:40 "What Color Is Death"
58:45 - 01:04:40 "The Bones of Baby Dolls"
01:04:40 - 01:09:02 "Cassie Eats Cockroaches"