First Celebrity Crush


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the first woman i remember being "beautiful" i think was kim basinger as vicky vale when i was 8 or 9? in the first batman movie?
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I have a thing for black chicks with caucasian facial features, which I'm quite certain makes me a racist.

Skin Diamond excels in this category. I don't know the exact recipe, but I like.



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This one was my childhood crush I guess.

This beauty from Beverly hills with her dirty hair and blue eyes:

Wait, isn't that the saved by the Bell girl I mentioned?

She had work done eh


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yea, she was the 'hot girl' of the group on saved by the bell. was flat as a board but super pretty and it was a different time :p


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Stop it Nunz. No way you want to bang all these old broads all the time


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Seriously, you bitches making me feel old. Fiona Apple came out when I was in college.

Prolly first first crush I can remember is the chick from charles in charge who looks like paige van zant.