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Hell knows no fury as a woman scorned.

Hard to take her seriously if she wont even change her handle away from Mikes nick name.


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Still in lockdown over here, on verge of going stir crazy. Gone down rabbit hole of SBR forum reminiscing! I'm trying to find the epic thread where Gaberz lost plot after a string of terrible bets and started trying to sell Bouncy Castles to us!!!!! If anybody can find it before me put it in here! @punisherind @Mirinquads @Beelzebubzy
Ah Beelze post this thread before https://www.sportsbookreview.com/fo...sbreaker-premium-package-p8.html#post19288280
Was a good one, pretty much everybody going in on eachother!!! Gaberz, Grabaka, Fury, Nunya! Was like when a fight breaks out in a Western Saloon bar
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My feud with WannaBet was a good one! He was a good character tbf ... https://www.sportsbookreview.com/fo...0870-strikeforce-rockhold-vs-kennedy-p13.html

DeFactorCripplier still one of funniest trolls I've ever seen!!! This post killed me in response to Wannabet sayin he was a doctor making 300k a year!!...

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lmao. yea, its just as likely that he's an actor as him being a 25 year old doctor pulling in 300k+.

Fockin kid must have picked the least credible job. But if you actually indulge his fantasy he would be an even bigger clown than if he was just some teenage twerp. What does the average day look like?

- Delivers baby

- Performs open heart surgery on patient

- Unwinds from a long shift by donning a gimp mask and filming a feature length documentary on who he likes in the upcoming fight. This includes all extras such as director's commentary, deleted scenes, and the never before seen alternate ending where he picks Rich Franklin.

- Fires off some air bets

- Engages in prolonged twitter war with Lucas Fury that spreads to multiple other platforms

- Fires off some air bets

- Gets in prolonged flame war over who was better, Randy Couture or Tyson in his prime.

- Gets flamed by sbr forum

- Fires off more air bets like pew pew pew

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