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    Bellator 255 Pitbull vs Sanchez 2

    Opening: Current: That Pitbull Sanchez line looking a little long to anyone else?
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    The Kalikas situation?

    So whats going on here? Kalikas left 5dimes, and is now working with DSI? Is openers consistently coming out of DSI now, or what are we doing ? Not totally up to speed with this
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    GLORY 39, Brussels, Belgium

    GLORY 39 - Welterweight 5 rounds - Vorst National - Brussels, Belgium Sat 3/25 5001 Yoann Kongolo +100 4:30PM 5002 Cedric Doumbe -140 GLORY 39 - Heavyweight 3 rounds - Vorst National - Brussels, Belgium Sat 3/25 5101 Guto Inocente +140 4:00PM 5102 Jamal Ben...
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    Melvin Guillard vs. Brandon Girtz Saad Awad vs. Patricky Freire Josh Burns vs. Justin Wren Raphael Butler vs. Lorenzo Hood Anyone know who Girtz is? Kind want to fade Melvin a little bit
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    So you guys read anything good lately? I have been out of the reading game for a while now, last I finished The Gunslinger series by Stephan King.. Dragged a little, and was much better if you toked up while reading.. Don't really do that much any more, so I thought i'd try my hands on...
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    Music thread

    Hipsters ONLY please. The front singer from Crystal Castles, is absolutely insane btw, absolutely
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    Let's play some Gaimz

    Thread for discussion of video games, board games and all that good nerd shit. I know a lot of you are mature and have these "responsibilities" and such, but I'm sure some of you play some games right? I can warmly recommend Ori and The Blind Forest. Plantformish adventure game with some really...
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    Glory 20

    Lightweight Robin van Roosmalen (c) vs. Andy Ristie For the Lightweight Championship Featherweight Gabriel Varga vs. Mosab Amrani For the Featherweight Championship Middleweight Jason Wilnis vs. Alex Pereira Middleweight Contender Tournament Semi Final Middleweight Wayne Barrett vs...