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  1. alexander

    UFC 200

    Really happy for Aldo, hope McGregor fights 145 again but I doubt it. GL HF!
  2. alexander

    Your Official UFC 200 Bets

    10u Mark Hunt (1.58) - this is my final bet, good luck to all :)
  3. alexander

    UFC 199 - Los Angeles - Rockhold vs Bisping

    That was insane. Bisping wins the belt by a beautiful knockout and gets to go home with Daenerys Stormborn. Not a bad night of work. Don't really care about Brock unless TBD turns out to be Fedor.
  4. alexander

    News and future lines - March 2016

    Somewhat dissapointing event, but looking forward to seeing Sitthichai beat Roosmalen again.
  5. alexander

    Your official ufc 196 bets

    2.09u Nate Diaz
  6. alexander


    The first video I saw him in, some guy was doing a form of alligator crawl with Ido explaining in the foreground how he invented said exercise. This concluded my interest in Ido Portal.
  7. alexander

    Bellator 149 - shamrock vs gracie... again...

    Result: 0.0u Somehow this seems fitting. Bellator p4p champ in unintentional comedy as always. Results: 2016 | Events: 3 | Bets: 7-9 | Units: +1.215u
  8. alexander

    Bellator 149 - shamrock vs gracie... again...

    1.0u Royce Gracie (2.00) 1.0u Gracie/Shamrock O1.5 (2.02)
  9. alexander

    Bellator 149 - shamrock vs gracie... again...

    Why is this man holding a hammer? What message are they trying to convey here? Never change Bellator. :p Anyway, love the O1.5 bet EzFlyer. Also betting Gracie. Between Shamrock's suspicious WWE like performance against Kimbo and upholding the Gracie name I can see Royce want it more. (read...
  10. alexander

    UFN 82 Official Bets

    Result: +0.315u Big gains here! Remind me why I bet Rosholt again? Or Grabowski for that matter, very underwhelming ground game for a guy with 11 subs. Lol'd hard at Burkman just landing unanswered kicks for an entire round. Zane Simon, one of the better Bloodyelbow staff members had a great...
  11. alexander

    UFN 82 Official Bets

    0.5u Zach Makovksy (4.30) 0.5u Josh Burkman (1.60) 0.8u Stephen Thomson (3.05) 1.0u Jared Rosholt (2.30) 0.5u Mike Pyle (2.15) 0.8u Damian Grabowski (1.77)
  12. alexander

    your official ufc 195 bets

    Can't complain about Kish. Thought Condit had it 3 rounds to 2, but on the other hand I can't be too sad when a gameplan designed around landing lots of weak strikes and that pussy oblique kick doesn't pay off. Results: 2016 | Events: 1 | Bets: 3-5 | Units: +0.9u
  13. alexander

    your official ufc 195 bets

    4.0u Justine Kish (1.38) to win 1.50u 1.0u Dustin Poirier (2.60) to win 1.60u 0.8u Andrei Arlovski (2.95) to win 1.56u 0.5u Abel Trujillo (2.20) to win 0.60u 0.4u Carlos Condit (1.90) to win 0.36u 1.0u Kish by TKO/KO/DQ (5.00) to win 4.0u 0.2u Condit by sub (6.50) to win 1.10u 0.4u Westcott +...
  14. alexander

    your official tuf 22 bets

    0.8u Frankie Edgar (1.77) 0.8u Julian Erosa (1.73) 0.8u Tony Ferguson (1.50) 0.8u Joe Lauzon (2.80) 0.8u Ryan LaFlare (1.40) 0.4u Erokhin (1.81) 0.8u Artemmm/Hall Over 1.5 (1.87)
  15. alexander

    your official ufn 80 bets

    3.0u Paige VanZant (1.65) to win 1.95u 0.4u Rose Namanamana (3.60) to win 1.04u 1.0u Michael Chiesa (1.73) to win 0.73u 1.0u Omari Akhmedov (1.67) to win 0.67u
  16. alexander

    Glory 26 - AMSTERDAM

    Nicky Holzken with his incredibly obnoxious Dutch hardstyle music got a gift.
  17. alexander

    Glory 26 - AMSTERDAM

    Another great event by GLORY, and then they shit on the whole thing by another huge robbery. Only in price fighting.. !
  18. alexander

    Glory 26 - AMSTERDAM

    Holy shit Rico Verhoeven. KO of the year candidate easily.
  19. alexander

    Glory 26 - AMSTERDAM

    The official one is at - great fights so far
  20. alexander

    Glory 26 - AMSTERDAM

    Them legs. Good fight to!