We are the MMABETMACHINE. Founded early 2016, our MMA betting experts are among the best sourced from around the web. All individually profitable, we are driven with a vision of combining our knowledge to dominate the sports bookies further than ever before. The real secret behind the group's success is the BETMACHINE technology. Using complex algorithms, it has found the optimal way to bring together the team's knowledge for each fight card and consistently pick the most profitable bets.

Running in secret throughout 2016, the BETMACHINE was able to churn out a return on investment (R.O.I) of 35%! Launching January 2017 we wanted to aim even higher with our returns. With some adjustments to the BETMACHINE algorithm, through the first few events into March 2017 we have achieved over 50% R.O.I. Betting just $10 per unit so far this year would have netted you a smooth $1555 profit. As we build our sample size we are more than confident that we will blow current services out of the water!

Transparency is critical in this industry, so we have chosen to track all bets on an external 3rd party betting service, view-able by anyone for free. There can be no doubt that the bets we are providing were locked in prior to the event and distributed to our members.

A majority of our bets are plus money (+100), with our largest underdog coming through at UFC209 – Darren Elkins taking out a prospect to earn us a +500 (6.0) odds win! So far in 2017 we are averaging 4 to 5 bets per card – that’s a lot of fights to get excited about!

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Jan 1, 1980 (Age: 44)


2017 Record: Bets:62 Profit:+201u ROI:41% Avg Odds:2.4
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