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    Fighting with Bluehost

    anyway they will let you turn it back on if we turn off the thread notifications? those seem to be overkill imho
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    UFC 183

    imo Woodley is pretty obvious with his tactics, he wants to draw you in and land either a big shot or a takedown. he fights with a very basic gameplan and doesn't adjust very much mid fight. i think gastelum is more well rounded, faster, with a wider variety of strikes, and imo he is more likely...
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    WSOF 17

    half unit on foster, fock eet
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    UFC 183

    kelvin fights too smart for woodley. i like that price. love meishas price. i think mccann got exposed in the last fight, and it wasn't that long ago. i think she has given up on the idea of being champion and is just trying to make some money and get as many fights as she can before she moves...
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    confidence picks

    Irish GOAT vs Siver. GOAT 4. -1 in case siver lay n parties for a round Bendo vs cowboy. Cowboy 2. i like the value of the line but not super confident Larkin vs Howard. Larkin 3 IF HE MAKES WEIGHT Tibau vs. Parke. Tibau 2, it comes down to round 2 IMO Hall vs. Taylor. canceled Holohan vs...
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    UFN 59 discussion

    Louis "Handgunz" Taylor, 5'11, 35 years old vs. Joe Riggs (August 2010): vs. Jason Louck (May 2011): vs. Joe Vedepo (December 2012): vs. Eric Hammerich (June 2013): vs. Robert Gotreau (April 2014): vs. Brian Houston (October 2014):
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    UFN 59 discussion

    I think siver is more of a grappler these days. i need to rewatch the cub fight, but iirc siver took the first. at those odds, I have to bet siver.
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    Why this website was created.

    you are the only black tie avatar that I see... In my browser it is a buncha male sex symbols, it's like a gay brothel in here
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    UFC 182 - Discussion

    That was a standing guillotine, that he locked in after he had rocked and knocked down machida. Not very relevant when we are talking about jones getting subs off his back and how the grappling will go if DC is on top of him
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    UFC 182 - Discussion

    I think the most important thing is who land on top, but that said I was impressed with Cormiers top game against hendo. I think Jones is going to get fucked up if he is on bottom, I doubt he will have the time/luxury to throw up submissions, he either stands up immediately or Dc smothers him...
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    Why this website was created.

    Interesting comment from the betting thread on sherdog: "I've never really understood how a tout service could work efficiently, considering decent bettors are making decisions based on line movement and information constantly. It's telling that most of those services do best on their free...
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    Anik the Fellow Degen

    Wish they had talked more about mma gambling.
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    Not afraid of ezy

    you should be. I have no patience for tentacle porn bro, don't even try to start posting your anime pictures here, I'm watching you. ps- watch yer tone