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    Boxing :- Connor Mcgregor V Floyd Mayweather

    I'm surprised by the judging. Usually judges like to 1) give themselves room to nudge it one way or the other 2) think of money down the line. I actually had some fear of an SD or something like that, with eyes on a rematch. Put a little on tko, but mostly just pussed out and went ml and...
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    Boxing :- Connor Mcgregor V Floyd Mayweather

    Anyway, here is a great article about the history of cross-discipline fighting in the U.S.
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    Boxing :- Connor Mcgregor V Floyd Mayweather

    The only thing I can think of is that some of you have mma on the brain, where guys have crossed sports and/ or done well on raw athleticism. I can think of a lot of reasons for that. For example the optimal methods in mma are only recently discovered and the talent pool is only just becoming...
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    Boxing :- Connor Mcgregor V Floyd Mayweather

    Conor isn't some guy off the street but he is an amateur. There are 2 things to understand about boxing. 1) it is a sport with a high level of skill and professionalism. It's more like baseball than basketball in that respect. It is almost impossible to transition straight from amateur to...
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    Your Official UFC 214 Bets

    2 units on Cormier +235. A friend swears up and down that his friend has a friend who works in Jones camp. Says Jones is missing camp, generally screwed up. Probably sniffing drugs. We had some freebets and put them in parlays with Cormier since 5d had a nice price and the other legs won et...
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    General MMA Discussion & Future Lines

    Also, anybody who has money and some basic capacity to comprehend the world around them. Here's the best I can explain it. @Will Lomachenko was one of the greatest amateurs of all time, and is currently one of the best boxers on the earf. Being an older amateur, when he broke in, his team...
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    A THREAD FOR NEWS & NONSENSE...''It's a Beautiful Ting'' ....

    The future belongs to this kid.
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    Odds and Ends to comfort the gamblers

    I got raped by Trump in the primaries. Took a hit in the general. I'm not happy he won, independently of that. But this, from Lena Dunham, almost makes it all worth while.
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    In This Thread, I Make You Rich

    So, I don't know how to get rich. But, my wife lost her job and I had a bit of a downswing so I'm more focused on making some money with no variance.. Also, no resume, no credit or marketable skills. And two club feet and multiple sex crimes convictions. I did a bit of research on Uber and...
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    Nunya's Only Talking About Lifting Thread (even dumbasses can join)

    I bought some 20lb dumb bells so I could do more stuff. I only had a 40lb one. I pulled a bicep while working on some new lifts. Not too bad. But, it seemed like the perfect time to try that burst training for some cardio. So, I ran up stairs. This is convenient because I already park on the...
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    Nunya's Only Talking About Lifting Thread (even dumbasses can join)

    I'm reading Supple Leopard. Thanks again, Mirin. Only in the beginning. I enjoyed his hypothesis about a new epoch in fitness, and self improvement generally. I have a lot of half baked theories about our culture, most of which are pessimistic, but I think he's right about that. It's so, so...
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    Movie thread!

    I watched The Witch, partially on Nunya's recommendation. I thought it was excellent, though it might be too dry for some of ye. It was a pretty convincing slice of life from another time, which I'm a big fan of. It manages to convey the perspective of the characters, so that you can see why...
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    Nunya's Only Talking About Lifting Thread (even dumbasses can join)

    I have no real desire to be Vitor, but I'd like to stop being a slob and be able to open a jar of pickles. A friend of mine who, I guess, competed in World's Strongest Man, recommended Super Slow work outs, where you take ten seconds for each up and down. Obviously, you wind up doing fewer...
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    A decent sports betting book.

    I only have a rough draft, which is a google doc I think, and a kindle of the final version, which I don't know how to hack. If you don't wanna spring for the 99cents, or there's some international issue, send me your e-mail, and I'll have PokerJoe send you a free copy for review.