Why this website was created.

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by Will, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. PSUMike

    PSUMike Active Member

    Blunt Trauma I assume. Welcome. Te Huna Matata on SD here.
  2. BT

    BT Active Member

    Noice, how's it going man? Looks like there's a few of us from sd over here now, you, me, EZ, and Jim that I know of.
  3. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member


    Getting there. Very proud of the team we have here.
  4. BoxScout

    BoxScout Member

    Looks great to me so far. Cool to see some people from other places, focused on betting on dudes hitting each other, without the 13 year olds bragging about their seven figure BRs.
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  5. Robertdexter

    Robertdexter New Member

    I hope that it is created for people who love gambling very much than the other.
  6. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Can we get a Kelly calculator linked to the odds?
  7. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    And Gaberz Criterion please. Thanx
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  8. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, Could you show me an example of what you mean?
    Do you mean a "tools" subheading on the front page which links to a kelly calculator on this site?

    If so, yes, we can do that.
  9. lucky

    lucky Active Member

    and lines when parlayed with da raiderz!

    but seriously. thanks for all the hard work will
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  10. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    the tools section would work.

    What I was thinking, for shitz n' gigglez

    You click a fight, for eg, Hendricks vs Gastelum
    It shows
    Hendricks -190
    Gastelum +160
    the odds are then clickable, then a small pop up happens. This pop up would be a kelly bet.
    You enter in your Kelly Kapowski criterio -1/4, 1/2 etc
    You enter in your wager size ie 25 bucks
    It then tells you your corrected wager.

    This may be completely useless and too much effort for little work; but I just a thought I had to be different versus bfo
  11. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Understood. Let me digest and get back to you.

    At the moment when you click the odds it opens a graph.
  12. Napes21

    Napes21 Active Member

    If you need help with the formulas at all will I can send you some templates in excel. How that then gets programmed onto the site I leave to your brilliance.
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  13. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Hmmm. so the graph situation brings up a different problem.

    We can do it a different way then.
    Tools Section -
    Optional - Select Fight
    Optional - Pick Fighter
    Optional - Enter Line
    Enter Unit Size
    Enter Criteria
    Output- Wager Size
  14. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Beelze, I will put it on the todo list. It could be a few months until there is real movement in that area.
    Just working on fixing the props first. They have been broken for awhile.

    Getting there ;)
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  15. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

    i think the odds page isnt loading up properly on mobile. it wont let me scroll to the right (i can only see about 1/2 of the books)
  16. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

    Screenshot of trying to scroll Screenshot_2017-04-06-08-38-45.png
  17. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  18. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

    Link to odds page redirects to forum.
  19. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

  20. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

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