Why this website was created.

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by Will, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    There are tens of thousands of people that wager on MMA on a monthly basis and I would be surprised if this website reached a fraction of that number.

    Very few take the time to hone the craft that is MMA gambling but all punters that eventually bow out find an excuse as to why they just couldn't make it.
    " There is too much juice! MMA is too unpredictable! Sports gambling is a rigged game! "

    How about you never took the time to hone your craft? Ask me to carve a piece of wood for you today and I will give you back a doorstop. In two years time, with practice, I will be able to give you back a horse.

    The truth is I started serious MMA punting over seven years ago and for the first three years I wiped myself out, numerous times. Since then I have returned a positive result every year. Some of those years have been quite substantial.

    My success coincided with my involvement in respectfully engaging others in the MMA gambling community.
    See I did not create this website for altruistic means, I created this website because in my experience the MMA gambling community begets wealth.

    I believe the first key to success is joining a master mind group and you my friends are just that.

    There may come a time when we privatise this website and close ranks but we are a long way off.
    I welcome all those who join now while we are still public a strong 2015.

    Keep your minds open, support each other and lets continue to learn and hone our craft together.
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  2. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

    Where did you post before?
  3. alpinepetey

    alpinepetey Member

    Hey Will,
    I saw on Zewkey (just found it today through this website) that you were looking for feedback for the odds comparison page and I have a couple questions.
    1. For the prop alerts, would it be possible to get alerts to specific props. For instance I like to bet the points handicaps on fights and those props don't come out til the day off fights or a couple days before. So I have to got to the BFO site and routinely refresh the page until that prop shows up.
    2. Any way to get a bigger graph when clicking on a line. The small one is perfect for most things but sometimes I want to inspect it in greater detail but it is tough when it is small.
    3. Another thing with the graph is making it interactive. Like clicking on a certain spot on the line and it tells you the date and what the line was at that time.

    Just a couple things I would use myself. Thanks.
  4. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Punisher, I posted on Zewkey. I didn't post as much as I should but I am looking to change that in 2015.
  5. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Petey, Great suggestions.

    I'm not a fan of our current Graph. I am not sure how to tackle that one but i concur with your thoughts and its on the drawing board.

    We can do the props. No problem. I will get it done.
  6. mmaed

    mmaed Member

    Great opening post!. I feel the same way!
  7. Wilbo86

    Wilbo86 Member

    I mentioned this to Grab but just wanted to reiterate, there are certain posters on SBR that should be, as much as is possible, banned preemptively (if you want to maintain any semblance of quality control, IMO). Grab knows who they are and looking at the members list so far, so does everyone else.

    Thoughts? That something we can agree on?
  8. Napes21

    Napes21 Active Member

    Thanks for putting this together Will and Grab - - also I echo Wilbo's statement - - some people (actually quite a few) definitely have no business being on here
  9. Wilbo86

    Wilbo86 Member

    Yeah good work putting this together guys! Just realized my first post was probably a little negative.

    Also second call for prop alerts, generally know when they come out but I've missed a lot of action without alerts.
  10. Grabaka

    Grabaka Moderator Staff Member

    Whos Vang E.?
  11. Kicker

    Kicker New Member

    Interesting comment from the betting thread on sherdog:

    "I've never really understood how a tout service could work efficiently, considering decent bettors are making decisions based on line movement and information constantly. It's telling that most of those services do best on their free bets. For most of us (and them, apparently), there's probably 1 true confidence play per event, if that, and it makes sense that they'd throw their safest bets at the general public.

    Touting is just a short-term route to money through manipulation. A site with an intuitive build for helping people to track their bets and assess their mistakes would be the thing to build. There are people here that do this perfectly well on their own, but I think it's outside the scope of the common bettor and actually a worthwhile service (obviously the site could also include picks/articles/a forum/whatever)."

    Not sure if you wanted to go that direction with the site, but adding those features to the main page might attract some people.
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  12. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Kicker.


    Guys, Just a quick one, I have enabled trophies based on number of messages and number of likes to your posts.
    The trophy is in the form of a free bet. The value of the free bet will increase as your posts / likes increase.

    Its a very small way for the board to say thank you.

    " You can not accept money with a closed fist "


    I only ask one thing in return, If people could add avatars in their profiles it would make following threads allot easier. I am seeing allot of men with black ties and starting to think I am in the men in black movie set.
  13. Kicker

    Kicker New Member

    you are the only black tie avatar that I see...

    In my browser it is a buncha male sex symbols, it's like a gay brothel in here
  14. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    Conor Bless
  15. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Lol Vaugh, Had to google that one.
  16. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Petey, Just letting you know the devs are working on the graphs now. ETA on completion is before next UFC.
    Still battling a few bugs on the front page but we will get there. I am 100% committed to this project.
  17. alpinepetey

    alpinepetey Member

    Sweet thanks for the update Will. Much appreciated.
  18. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member


    Petey and Co, Feedback on the new graph please.
  19. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Definitely better than before
  20. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Petey, The devs tell me the Graph is unclickable. So unfortunately can not complete that request.
    However to compensate have made the graph a bit bigger and will also add more reference points on the graph which should help some.

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