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Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by JimGunn, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Fwiw, when i was having my troubles at 1xbet these guys


    were putting something together in the form of a class action of sorts. Not sure how far it got as I dipped out when i got my money back.

    1xbet were making me jump through some unreasonable hoops to withdraw, eventually they asked me to send physical paper documentation to a russian address.
    My research suggested this was their final hoop that withdrawers were never able to overcome.

    I tried a different tact, I offered to affiliate for 1xbet if they could prove to me they were a legitimate book. They paid me and i cut ties.

    Super shady.
  2. punisherind

    punisherind Moderator Foundation Member

    Thats right, this is what i remember reading. The russian address and mail getting rejected and returned.
  3. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    For what it's worth, of course I was aware of their reputation. I kept a relatively small balance there for the last few years to take advantage of their small combat sports promotions markets, unique props and very hard to come by live boxing & MMA betting. However when I won a handful of bets and the value of BTC jumped up this year my 50 or 100 mBTC bankroll became over 200 mBTC and suddenly was worth a couple thousand rather than a few hundred dollars and I let it ride without requesting the withdrawals for quite a while. I thought maybe I'd get the dreaded verification runaround whenever I eventually requested a withdrawal, but someone there created another way to rob me instead.
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  4. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Minor update about getting ripped off by 1xbit: For what it's worth, I'm clearly not the only victim as I just looked at SportsBookReview's forum where I see a thread started by some guy just a few days ago on August 28th that sounds exactly like my situation:

    "Stay Away From 1xbit.com Account Drained Support Doesn't Care

    wake up in the morning account drained support wont answer any questions dunno what to do

    played everything good book played with them for years fast payouts and no problems. i wake up to my account drained i ask support they say i played slots on my account and lost everything i ask for ip address or what slot they say they cant tell me"
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  5. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    One day I will put a dislike button in here. :/
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  6. punisherind

    punisherind Moderator Foundation Member

    Are you going to file a complaint on sbr?

    Btw, everyone should take a lesson from this shitty situation- make sure you set up 2FA for any bitcoin books.
  7. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    I suppose I could file a complaint on SBR for all the good that it will do, which is none. By the way, although 2FA is a good security measure to use- I was forced into using it on nitrogensports for example- but that's not the lesson here. Some hacker didn't guess my user ID and password and then quickly make an unauthorized withdrawal to their Bitcoin wallet to steal my money. That would actually make sense as a motivation and I'd see the withdrawal in my history too. If that happened I might actually believe it. Instead they want me to believe that a hacker got into my account and then pissed away my money playing in the casino and gained nothing as a result for themselves, which makes no sense. I'm convinced that this is 100% an inside job where a 1xbit employee by directive or freelance just took my coin without withdrawing it to a Bitcoin wallet, especially after reading that I'm not the only person this happened to. The lesson then is don't bet with a shady sportsbook run by Russian criminals.
  8. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    You might help others
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  9. punisherind

    punisherind Moderator Foundation Member

    I have to agree with you on both points. Sbr complaint likely wont be successful, and 2fa likely wouldnt have made a difference here. Really shitty situation. Hate to see it.

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