UFN 145 on ESPN+ 3 Blachowicz vs Santos

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  1. JimGunn

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  2. JimGunn

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    Opening odds:

  3. marzwoody

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    Petr Yan looks like a greyed out generic character from a fighting game.
  4. Will

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    I wont be here for this card ;( sailing around the seas.
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  5. punisherind

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    Sounds fun! Better to miss this card than the next one.
  6. JimGunn

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    I don't think that Gian should be this big of an underdog in any case with his UFC experience, size & reach advantages and power, but FWIW, handicapper Gamblou told Gabriel Morency on the Game Time Decisions show yesterday that he was at UFC Phoenix with a press pass and had a chance to meet Matt Serra & Ray Longo. According to Lou he wasn't shy to ask them about Gian Villante's upcoming fight and the coaches intimated that Gian might play it smart and use some wrestling against his Polish opponent who is at a disadvantage there. If there's any fight IQ of that nature in play here, I believe that this makes the value on Villante much better. Plus the Pole is pretty sloppy winging punches after he tires a bit and I believe Gian can hang with him in a technical striking contest or a brawl. I'm making a multiple unit value play on him at +175 & +180 as a result of my initial lean and this information.
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    Ceremonial weigh-in:

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    Following up on what I posted yesterday, on the pre-fight show after the ceremonial weigh-ins on ESPN+ earlier today, Gian Villante was with Chris Weidman and both were talking to Brendan Fitzgerald & Rashad Evans and mentioned repeatedly about wrestling, takedowns, how he used to not go for them, playing it smart if necessary in this fight, and Weidman even chimed in to mention Villante's NY State Wrestling Championship credentials. So it sure seems like it's going to be an option in the toolbox. I added more to Villante at +185.

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