UFN 124 - Stephens vs Choi - St. Louis

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by ezflyer, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member Oddsb CC Champ

  2. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    crikey. Not ideal prep. UFC probably arrranged it...doing their very best to get PVZ that win lol
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  3. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Hmm.. Elkins might be a bad matchup for Johnson, if he slows down late as usual
  4. Zeckdo

    Zeckdo Member

    already bet on elkins round 3 +2100 might have to bet more.
  5. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    Don't go nuts on it.. I did 0.1u hehe
  6. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    Meek Rd 1 +1500? His best chance to win, right?

    Bernardo sub +9xx? Aldana fought the finish well vs evinger but maybe this is worth a shot ? Bernardo has good takedowns while fresh..

    I guess I'm basically on 'fight ends by sub' on this one now, cause I have both girls .. +13xx and +9xx
  7. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member


    apparently ^^^
  8. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    ah well. disappointing but not the end of the world. still a 12 fight card.
  9. marzwoody

    marzwoody Active Member

    Can’t see image
  10. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    Cummings out
  11. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    I've been thinking a lot about usman meek .. man, I think usman "decision machine" status is overblown.. the four guys get decisioned in a row..

    Leon Edwards
    Warlley Alves

    Guess how many times these four guys have been ko/tko'd in their entire careers?

    0. None of them have ever been ko'd. Some durable fuckers. And Usman is ever improving. In fact, Meek's two losses? Tko's.

    Don't discount an Usman sub, either.

    I already have stabs on meek Rd 1 and Usman Rd 3, but I'm going pretty big here I think on DNGD. took it (fookin limits) at -115 and -120 and -115 again.
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  12. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    I'm with you on ITD in the Usman/Meek fight.

    Meek rd1 is +1600 on the Euro books , I'm taking some of that.
  13. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    yea i did 0.1u on meek rd 1 +1500, it's his best chance for sure. thought about ko at +1055 but just did the rd 1

    have 0.2u usman rd 3 +900ish and now like 1.17u DNGD -117 or so, more to come on that, hoping BM line is comparable
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  14. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    Anyone got a read on Taylor vs Aldrich? I think both girls are pretty bad and will be shocked if this fight doesn't go the distance. Think I'm taking Taylor at +110 and some Taylor decision +170. Not confident but +money has to be the right side here.
  15. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    man i hate that fight SO much

    taylor is a fookin midget... i don't think i'll ever bet on her... aldrich could win on volume and shit w/the reach edge... she's my lean... but man fook that fight
  16. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    hall is out, too

    well, we had a 13 fight card so it's still 11, not bad.

    i also don't give a fuck about hall-belfort being canceled from a betting perspective, shit sucked! hehe
  17. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    Sucks that Alves/Cummings won't take place - that fight was bettable.

    Don't have that many leans this card.
  18. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Hall belfort off
  19. Zeckdo

    Zeckdo Member

    anybody think Michael Johnson will knock Elkins out?
  20. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    i think he might, yea. but if he doesn't, i'll look to live bet elkins, possibly

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