UFC Fox 20: holm vs shevchenko - chicago

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by ezflyer, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  2. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    usman-yakovlev better be on the main card.. watch it be some 'featured fight pass' fight..
  3. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Yhis is the weakest card of all time to
  4. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    it's not that bad

    sub par for FOX cards, maybe
  5. JoshKnows46

    JoshKnows46 Active Member

    Holm dec right, 4th/5th rd hedge, all in agreement say, I.
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  6. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Yep, got unan too +190.
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  7. JoshKnows46

    JoshKnows46 Active Member

    I was going play that but both the unanimous dec and dec were at the same price, +120, so I just played the dec.
  8. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    Anyone else on V. bullet?

    The striking between her and Holm is even in my books.

    The grappling might actually be the deciding factor. Valentína has been grappling more and more. She has good trips. And is strong in the clinch.

    The only thing I give Holly a clear advantage on is her size. It says their reach is the same but Hollys a few inches taller and probably will outweigh her by 10 pounds in the ring.

    Holly has been a PED user and I will be taking a hard close look at her at the weigh ins.

    Big value on VS. 1.5 u at +290.
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  9. Skel

    Skel Member

    I laid a small amount on her opening line (+350). Mostly a fade of Holm. I agree with all your points.
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  10. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    300 unitz on Shevchenko @ +300;
  11. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    By no means am I laying the juice on holm, but I am struggling to see how VS navigates the size differential ... I also have not been impressed by her kickboxing game..
  12. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    Size I agree with.

    Have you watched her Muay Thai fights? Watch a few of those before dismissing her striking. I think she's been working on grappling in her UFC fights and hasn't shown her striking skills yet.
  13. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Home will out angle and out maneuver her all night. Their striking aren't compareable, Shenko is way too stationary and linear.
  14. marzwoody

    marzwoody Active Member

    Does anyone see this not going Dec? VS sub possibly?
  15. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    haven't, no, just her mma
  16. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    super doubtful shev sub imo. just looked, pays +1300

    decision is probable
  17. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    If you want to see her striking skills -- watch some of her Muay Thai fight. There's a reason she's a 16 time world champion.
  18. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    is it even relevant at this point? doesn't seem to have translated into mma
  19. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    I think it is because this fight will primarily be striking.

    I also think she's been consciously using more grappling in her MMA fights to work on it as we saw in the Kaufman and Nunes (R3) fight.

    If you haven't seen what she can do striking wise, you're missing a key piece of capping IMO.
  20. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Muay Thai fights is fought way way differently than MMA striking fights are fought, and especially against a striker such as Holm. Different angles, different ranges, different everything. There won't be any thai clinching, knee striking, body clinch tripping business here.

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