ufc fox 17 - RDA-cerrone

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  1. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    December 19, 2015 | Amway Center | Orlando, Florida
    FOX, 8 p.m. ET
    Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone
    for lightweight title
    Junior Dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem
    Nate Diaz vs. Michael Johnson
    Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Randa Markos
    FOX Sports 1, 5 p.m. ET
    Myles Jury vs. Charles Oliveira
    C.B. Dollaway vs. Nate Marquardt
    Sarah Kaufman vs. Germaine de Randamie
    Tamdan McCrory vs. Josh Samman
    Danny Castillo vs. Nik Lentz
    Jim Alers vs. Cole Miller
    UFC Fight Pass, 3:30 p.m. ET
    Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman
    Hayder Hassan vs. Vicente Luque
    Luiz Henrique vs. Francis Ngannou

  2. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    this shit is only 11 days away, lol.

    so reem looking thin in recent pics etc...

    and in general, i think he has to lnp jds to win (and i think that's what he thinks)...

    reem dec +1055, just sayin..

    and wondering if MJ dec +122 is one of these "obvious" outcomes that people might miss... that should be the result...
  3. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    I like Diaz at These Odds. He Looks really roided on the instagram pics, and maybe he has figured out that the blueprints to beat him and his brother are out there and has made some changes to his game.

    Would like to see him implement more kicks and takedowns. Really think he can finish Johnson with the right game plan.
  4. PSUMike

    PSUMike Active Member

    Dream on, Steven Tyler. You know the Diaz's have never lost a fight.
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  5. mmaed

    mmaed Member

    The Reem decision prop holding value once again. Greg Jackson safe game planning... You would think he would have to against JDS.
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  6. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  7. UncleChael

    UncleChael Member

    The homie, Nate Diaz gonna get it done.
  8. UncleChael

    UncleChael Member

    No way, he's getting put out. Thompson did it, but my brother called it before the fight. MJ wins this way, if he must.
  9. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    MJ ain't putting Nate away in a million years.
  10. Sky

    Sky Member

  11. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Really intrigued by


    And a wmma fight actually interests me a lil.. Kowalkiewicz-markos
  12. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    cowboy line is plumetting. wouldn't be surpirsed if RDA was -150 by week's end..
  13. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    I think it's the online chatter by bloggers about RDA looking different post-USADA, whether true or not.
  14. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    that's a factor, i think, yea

    i also think casual people don't know who rda is, hehe

    i think cowboy is better known than the champ..
  15. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    I'm happy that they're showing the tv prelims on FS1 instead of big Fox this time. The last couple of times I had to find a stream because the local Miami Fox affiliate refused to show the prelims, I imagine because they didn't want to pre-empt their local news and entertainment shows before 8 PM.
  16. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

  17. Sky

    Sky Member

    I have no doubt in my mind he was/has juiced...
  18. Sky

    Sky Member

    Im thinking take reem at biggest odds prefight. reem starts fight well and outstrikes jds, initially making jds look like a schoolboy. then arb jds live before reem gets clipped. what could go wrong?
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  19. Sky

    Sky Member

    either could finish. nate obviously best chance is sub. nate may be the better boxer.. so what is johnsons game plan?
    link for the instagram pics?
  20. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Innocent until proven guilty... The first pic is OLD... look at the last 5 fights, he's always ripped..

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