UFC 220 - Miocic vs Ngannou - Boston

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by ezflyer, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

  2. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    so oezdemir has 11 finishes. all 11 were in the first round.

    and realistically that's just about the most likely way he'd have to beat DC here, anyway, right?

    i'm taking some +700
  3. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    Miocic getting up to +170 almost now. ohmy
  4. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

  5. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Stipe KO +230
    I'll lose some coin on that one
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  6. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    Will have to play Stipe at those odds too, but still prefer Ngannou as champ. Could kickstart the french and african mma scene. West Africa should have a lot of potential with genetic freaks such as Ngannou.
  7. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    This fight is a PK. Stipe has speed. Ngannou has power. However lands clean first wins.
  8. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    stipe has wrestling and proven cardio, too
  9. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    Ngannou has the touch of death - one of those uppercuts and Stipe is dead
  10. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    also true, lol
  11. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    Usman vs Meek u2,5 +110???

    Either Meek hits a haymaker and finishes Usman or Usman will grind him down and tko him. I see these scenarios hit way ofter than 50%. In fact I don't even see Meek surviving o2,5 rounds against Usman more than 50%
  12. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Ngannou looked strong as fuck against Overeem, but man, can you not bet Stipe here, with the wrastlin'?
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  13. lucky

    lucky Active Member

    Ngannou faster. More explosive:TNGS2:
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  14. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    Late third finish for Usman, tho!
  15. Wilbo86

    Wilbo86 Member

    Forgot where I heard this, but Ngannou struggled against someone with a decent jab in a past fight... Stipe has a very good jab (heavy weight). Could play a factor.

    That on top of the hype factor that could be driving the betting line, could end up taking Stipe stright/KO.
  16. omalley21

    omalley21 Member

    If Struve can KO Stipe, hard to imagine Ngannou not KO'ing him.
  17. lucky

    lucky Active Member

    Is that what u said when he fought overeem and dos Santos also
  18. omalley21

    omalley21 Member

    Yea pretty much but both of those guys are shop worn. Reem nearly did KO him. JDS didn't throw a strike.
  19. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    man i'm LEGIT depressed. not kidding, flat-out depressed. 5d finally limited me again. i knew it was coming, but it sucks so bad. i raise my unit by 50% for first time in a few years and before the first actual ufc of the year, it happens.

    i took tibau +190, the O2.5 on tibau-makhachev -165 and -195..

    took pantoja -150

    took homasi +235

    took ige-arce O2.5 -165

    took font +135 and O1.5 -150...

    ALLLL of that... is like 2.5 units risked thanks to limits.. i need to analyze my entire f'ing strategy and change, basically done with 5dimes and openers, only screwing myself out of prices when I'm actually allowed to bet them for anything significant...
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  20. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member

    sucks man, but you have the right idea as far as adjustments that need to be made. these days the other books copy pretty fast, so its usually not a big deal to miss 5d openers. you have a clear edge so, if you're increasing unit size you should increase overall profit. your ROI will probably go down a bit but who really cares?
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