UFC 208 - Holm vs De Randamie - Brooklyn

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  1. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  2. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    pretty darn surprised that holm is now the dog, +110 etc.. i still think $ will come in her way, but yea...
  3. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    UFC 208
    FEBRUARY 11, 2017
    Barclays Center | Brooklyn, New York

    Anderson Silva -110
    Derek Brunson -130

    Over 1.5 -135
    Under 1.5 -105

    Tim Boetsch +455
    Ronaldo Souza -765

    Over 1.5 +115
    Under 1.5 -155

    Jared Cannonier +160
    Glover Teixeira -210

    Over 1.5 +110
    Under 1.5 -150

    Jim Miller +150
    Dustin Poirier -190

    Over 2.5 -135
    Under 2.5 -105

  4. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    nothing JUMPING at me for these four new lines.
  5. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Poirer all day
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  6. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    I kinda see it as a competitive 15 min fight
  7. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    Ez, you know Miller better than most.. He WILL slow down midway through the second, he's getting older, and he does not have the punching power to hurt Poirer most likely. Poirer's high output and power makes this smell like a round 2-3 finish here. Size and power advantage as well. Miller could snatch him up, but has to be in the first imo.
  8. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    yep, and also, miller practically *never* loses rd 1, remember that, too. could be live betting spot on poirier after 1
  9. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    i just went to bet miller +260 and it's +220 lmao. ok, then.
  10. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    That is true, round 1 will likely be close. Even so I have a hard time seeing Miller get Poirer down, and he's a machine on the feet.. Though he struggles against southpaws generally, it seems he hasn't gotten the angle down.. Both Conor and Johnson got to him.. That said, Miller doesn't posses the hand speed and probably not generel power either to do what those two did.. I see a competitve close first, probably edged by Poirer, and then him taking over from there. Or Miller snatches up a neck/limp in a scramble.
  11. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    oooh good point about southpaws..
  12. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member



  13. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    ok i like makhachev -130. he's longer, younger, stronger.. just that one blip against martins, but i don't hold it against him too much. i haven't been terribly impressed by lentz lately. he's too wild.

    i also like O2.5 -165 (smaller than makhachev) on laflare-carneiro. laflare is a decision machine.
  14. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    i took U2.5 reis-sasaki +125, too
  15. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    So tell me about the monkey god.
    I have done some wiki capping and he has beaten a few unbeaten fighters among the padded fights.

    Definitely intrigued by the odds because i am always looking to fade uncle creepy.
  16. Vaughany

    Vaughany Active Member

    lots of hype from other fighters, guys like Scoggins saying he's a beast.

    Jarred Brooks (12-0, United States)

    Jarred Brooks is probably the best prospect in the flyweight division right now, and it’s shocking he still hasn’t inked a deal with the UFC. He could be a potential title challenger in the future and can help anchor a division that’s not overflowing with talent.

    Known as “The Spider Monkey,” the 23-year-old blue chipper has a fighting style that perfectly justifies his nickname. He’s an aggressive submission wrestler who showed off his underrated knockout power in 2016, as his latest win was a one-punch finish. His style is hard to deal with, which is why he’s undefeated in a dozen fights.

    A Pancrase, Akhmet Fight Show and WSOF veteran, Brooks went 5-0 in the year of 2016. That’s a lot of fights, especially considering the level of talent he’s been fighting. Some of his victims included top British prospect Chris Miah and Jun Nakamura, the latter of whom Brooks knocked out in one punch.

    There’s no tip-toeing around this. Brooks should be in the UFC right now. If the company fails to sign him in 2017, it will be a major mistake, especially since the flyweight division needs more bodies.
  17. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    With only 2 weeks notice and fighting at such a low weight class i wonder what he weighed when he got the call. That would mean alot.
    I stalked his instagram, his in shape but could be heavy ?

    P.s This is Uncle Creepy's first fight since USADA testing came in. Just saying. Weigh ins will be very interesting.
  18. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Miller +325 is bonkers. I'm on it.
  19. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    GT -150 is a gift. He's a top five dude still. He finished several GOOD guys before the AJ ko. AJ is the biggest puncher in MMA. It happens.

    Cannonier was, in fact, losing to cute labia prior to cute slowing down.

    GT has a STRONG double leg and if he gets on top, I think it's a wrap. And he's obviously still dangerous on the feet to boot.
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  20. Perra

    Perra Active Member

    His last three wins are big names but there are a few buts here:

    Rashad - had one foot out of the sport going into that fight.
    Cummins - Glassjaw and gift fight for Glover
    OSP - Athletic as hell but really flakey (as we saw in his last fight)

    So I guess one could say that his last good win was in 2013. I really think that Glover has declined and am unsure about his motivation. Didn't he train in his own garage or something for his last fight?

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