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    I was kind of thinking a discussion might be in order anyway, because people are posting Vegas Dave's horseshit for some reason. But Deadspin has a thing on RJ Bell up. It's mostly stuff you could have found by googling for an hour, but for whatever reason, it's caught on.

    Be interested to see if Colin and Sephen A. and other scumbag journalists and pundits continue to use him.

    I actually find RJ to be kind of entertaining, as with some other touts. But obviously that doesn't offset the con artist thing enough to justify putting him on legitimate outlets.

    "Oh, and let’s not forget the fees to actually buy Pregame touts’ losing picks: Given normal per-pick prices—a “three-star play” for $15, one- or two-star plays for $10—then the fees over this period would total an additional million-plus dollars. If you had bought and played all of Pregame’s picks since 2011, you’d be down $1,359,432."
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    Why do I all of a sudden start thinking about Luca Fury?


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