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    Perhaps we can discuss fixing and corruption in general here, though I think most people vastly over estimate it.

    However today a report suggests that a number of fairly high level tennis pros have been involved in match fixing. I have some level skepticism. A grand slam winner would have to be awfully stupid to risk banishment from the sport and prison for $50,000. Wouldn't the books notice the pattern Buzzfeed so easily detected? If so, what would they do about it, if anything?

    Secret files exposing evidence of widespread match-fixing by players at the upper level of world tennis can today be revealed by BuzzFeed News and the BBC.

    The sport’s governing bodies have been warned repeatedly about a core group of 16 players – all of whom have ranked in the top 50 – but none have faced any sanctions and more than half of them will begin playing at the Australian Open on Monday.

    It has been seven years since world tennis authorities were first handed compelling evidence about a network of players suspected of fixing matches at major tournaments including Wimbledon following a landmark investigation, but all of them have been allowed to continue playing.

    The investigation into men’s tennis by BuzzFeed News and the BBC is based on a cache of leaked documents from inside the sport – the Fixing Files – as well as an original analysis of the betting activity on 26,000 matches and interviews across three continents with gambling and match-fixing experts, tennis officials, and players.

    The files contain detailed evidence of suspected match-fixing orchestrated by gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy, which was uncovered in the landmark 2008 probe, and which authorities subsequently shelved. “They could have got rid of a network of players that would have almost completely cleared the sport up,” said Mark Phillips, one of the investigators. “We gave them everything tied up with a nice pink bow on top and they took no action at all.”

    BuzzFeed News began its investigation after devising an algorithm to analyse gambling on professional tennis matches over the past seven years. It identified 15 players who regularly lost matches in which heavily lopsided betting appeared to substantially shift the odds – a red flag for possible match-fixing.

    Four players showed particularly unusual patterns, losing almost all of these red-flag matches. Given the bookmakers’ initial odds, the chances that the players would perform that badly were less than 1 in 1,000. (Read more about the analysis here.)

    Tennis is the latest sport to be caught up in allegations of corruption following the scandals that have engulfed world football and athletics.

    It can today be revealed:

    • Winners of singles and doubles titles at Grand Slam tournaments are among the core group of 16 players who have repeatedly been reported for losing games when highly suspicious bets have been placed against them.
    • One top-50 player competing in the Australian Open is suspected of repeatedly fixing his first set.
    • Players are being targeted in hotel rooms at major tournaments and offered $50,000 or more per fix by corrupt gamblers.
    • Gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy have made hundreds of thousands of pounds placing highly suspicious bets on scores of matches – including at Wimbledon and the French Open.
    • The names of more than 70 players appear on nine leaked lists of suspected fixers who have been flagged up to the tennis authorities over the past decade without being sanctioned.
    Nigel Willerton, who leads the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) set up to enforce fair play following the 2008 investigation, acknowledged that authorities had drawn a line under the evidence uncovered in the 2008 probe. The leaked files show that investigators implicated 28 players in suspected fixing and urged that they face a full disciplinary investigation. But Willerton said that tennis authorities took no action against them.
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    Its not surprising, it's obviously been happening - Davydenko, Arguello, Koellerrer have all been investigated before. Just like with cricket, these players are playing games all the fuuuckin time and a lot of matches arent that important - just random tournament games so if someone offers you 50k to throw the 2nd set of a tournament in Bumfuck, Ohio its very easy and tempting to do (especially for these journeyman type players like Koellerrer who arent on that Djokovic money!).
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    How do we get in on this shit?
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    dude, i've hated davydenko so much for a while, he pussed out when i had djokovic BIG in spread and under a few years ago.. and djok beat him 6-0 first set. davy wasn't injured or anything.

    quit like a little bitch. void city.
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    Watch line movement.
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    bet wwe
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