Only 50€ For Worth More Than +1600€ Tipsters, Try Us :)

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  1. mickym1

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    Hey, if you want to get the best verifed betting tips (i.a. blogabet, betrush) please contact me at

    30 days subscription = €50 or $56 (USD)

    Many punters look for the best verified tipsters.
    We buy them all to get stable profit in long term.
    Their price is high for most of the people, so we did this group to make it lower.
    We will not buy useless tips, also you will get a chance to recommend tipsters.

    We offer all paid tips ONLY 50 EURO A MONTH !!!
    ★We send all tips without NO DELAY (full automation) !!!
    ★There are many resellers but most of them are buying useless tipsters. We offer full verified services and money back guarantee (up to 3 days)!

    * We verify all tipsters before put our list.
    * We send a pick as soon as possible and never miss any of them.
    * We keep looking other good tipsters to provide best service.
    * If you have any suggestion about our service, please contact us. We will hear your voice.

    You must relize for this. We can't make a lot of money quickly from betting. If we make a lot of money in a short space of time then we will probably end up getting over confident and lose all that we have made and more.

    about dropping odds
    when odds are dropping quickly, it usually means you are on a good bet.
    It's important to have push email notifications set up on your phone so you can get the tip quickly. once you receive the tip, visit the online bookmaker asap and make the bet.
    if odds have already dropped a bit you can still place the bet, sometime just reduce the stake a small bit.
    alternatively use an odds comparison site such as to check the best odds at other bookmakers.

    ★Our current tipsters list (06.2015, we update with every first day of each month)
    1. Fabio
    2. Taivo
    3. Giesele
    4. Bobic
    5. Mlbinsider
    6. J.P.Papin
    7. Bettingspaintips
    8. Ksasha
    7. Proitf
    8. Thinkerofbets
    9. Centercourt
    10. Getyourbet
    11. MagicMisiu
    12. Oliasbet
    13. Pavel Tenis
    14. MMABets
    15. Realstatist
    17. Sansei
    18. JP
    19. IK
    20. Lion
    21. Banana
    22. Snooker
    23. GSM
    24. Hidetenis
    25. Thomasbet 1×2
    26. Sportscalculator
    27. K2
    28. K3
    29. Nl
    30. El
    31. BetWarcraft (Houdini)
    32. Smicktey
    33. Cheguevara (Chepicks)
    34. GPBTB

    They are worth more than 1700€ for 30 days and our price is 50€/30days!
    Money back guarantee!
    If you are intersted please contact us at
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    Do you work with Jibby? if so can I get a year subscription?
  3. mmaed

    mmaed Member

    You spelled realize wrong.
  4. TheCalculator

    TheCalculator Active Member

    I only trust tipsters that throw kevlar coated darts in Siberian blizzards and still hit the bullseye.
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