Odds and Ends to comfort the gamblers

Discussion in 'Leftovers Forum' started by Will, Jan 27, 2015.

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    A friend made this about another friend and I thought it was kinda funny.

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    go to 2:35
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    any one watch making a murderer?
  10. BT

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    Yeah me and Mike were talking about it a bit in the movie thread. Thought it was a great watch although hear that it was biased towards the defense and they left some stuff out. Still showed how fucked that whole story was and how the cops and da were inept/corrupt.
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    Watched it. Researched the topic. Found a bunch of stuff on missing evidence. Still strongly feel that it was fishy top to bottom.
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    Nope. think i'm the only one who doesn't care about it
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    yeah cant be asssed.
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    I just saw the original purpose of the thread. I strongly recommend Tommy Angelo, even if you aren't a poker player. I thought it wasn't my cup o tea, but I tried some of his techniques and got into doing some more mindfulness stuff. Here's a bunch of interviews and podcasts.

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    Angelo is a pretty smart guy. Don't really believe all his stories are true, but they make for good reading, provocative thinking anyway.
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    whenever i'm having rough day at the pokers, i like to kick back and watch some tuff_fish. rip brutha

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    Lol that was awesome
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    I also get a fair amount of value from ancient philosophy. The stoics are really on the ball and this guy makes them very digestible. Kind of overlaps with Tommy Angelo's mindfulness stuff, though I think he's more into Buddha.

    Would Marcus Aurelius cry about a few bad beats?


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