Not afraid of ezy

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by Tentacle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Tentacle

    Tentacle New Member

    Or Tony.
    Or Kicker / Tony.
  2. Kicker

    Kicker New Member

    you should be. I have no patience for tentacle porn bro, don't even try to start posting your anime pictures here, I'm watching you.

    ps- watch yer tone
  3. ezflyer

    ezflyer Moderator Staff Member

    looks like we're up and running?
  4. Grabaka

    Grabaka Moderator Staff Member

    He makes me neigh in my little pony mumble channels
  5. Grabaka

    Grabaka Moderator Staff Member

    Hey what the hell? Who has been posting crap under my name?
  6. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member Oddsb CC Champ

    Sorry, i was testing. that was me.

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