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    The getting paid to write business? I wish. I'm actually more like one of the guys he's talking about at 2:13.
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    Well, Harlan Ellison thinks you're an asshole in that case!
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    Anyone looking for some excellent sci-fi needs to check out the Foundation trilogy by Asimov. That's the trilogy, ignore the other books, they're terrible.
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    Love this
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  6. Glad you seemed to have enjoyed I Have No Mouth. Figured you would - I think it stands up as one of the best in the genre.
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    Been reading IT Stephen king. solid book, thought I would bump thread
  8. BT

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    Brother is a huge Stephen King fan, IT is one of his favorites, says Needful Things and The Stand are his other two favorites.

    I've always been a non-fiction/history fag, have been reading Empire of the Summer Moon about Quanah Parker and the Comanches. I got away from the book after a bit, not b/c I didn't like it just mixed up with other shit, and forgot about it for a month or so, just picked it back up the other day, had to go back and reread the last chapter to refresh the memory. But 200 pages in it's pretty fucking intriguing. Just getting to Quanah's rise about now.

    Some vicious shit in this book, for non Murricans, not sure how well the Comanches are known, but they were an Indian tribe that we killed off like every other tribe in the Americas, but they were the toughest and one of the last ones to go. They were some fucked up violent bastards, there's a lot of heavy shit in this book (gang rapes, torture, mutilation baby killing, battles, etc.), but from where I am (about 100 pages to go) it's already worth a read if you're into this type of shit. Just getting to Quanah's rise but already know a bit about the guy, very interesting dude. Can't wait to finish it out.
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    Gun Guys is a good book, too, about how crazy the gun debate is in the US, Jewish liberal dude from Jersey who loves guns goes out on an experimental trip across the country to meet all these other "gun guys" that are harder core than him. Leaves him constantly conflicted throughout the book about several aspects of this gun guy culture. Very interesting read when it comes to how much guns affect American politics and how polarizing the debate about 2nd amendment rights is and whatnot.
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    Sounds interesting, I'm into all that shit. I read a book called blood meridian about a year ago obviously that's fiction but based in the same time period. brutal stuff.
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    yeah those times were crazy, frontiersmen were fucking nuts. Taking their families out there with them a lot of the time too. Texas Rangers were fucking badass though. Guy named Jack Hays, especially, check him out if you're interested. Guy had brass balls.
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    Read it 25 years ago. Definitely a classic. New movie coming out soon. Looks promising.
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    Looks like everyone forgot how to read...

    Three books I've read recently that I highly recommend:

    Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (you'll laugh, you'll cry... absolutely amazing book about Trevor Noah's experiences growing up under apartheid in South Africa)

    King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild (the incredibly intriguing story about the brutal colonialization of the Congo)

    Flash Boys by Michael Lewis (among other things, it's the tale of all the shady things that went down, both past and present, during the technological revolutions that took place in the financial markets. Michael Lewis is the guy who wrote the books that turned into Moneyball, the Big Short, Blindside, etc. and Netflix just bought the rights to this so read it now before it's cool and everyone's talking about it).
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  15. Mirinquads

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    Leopold is the hand choppy guy, right? Pretty sickening shit going on in that time

    I have been slacking on the reading lately, and mostly reading 40k novels because I'm a nerd lyke dat.. (Caliphas Cain and the Horus Heresy( Though it's like 50 thick books) is much recommended)

    Also read some Shadowrun hack novels and Neuromancer which is a classic in the Cyberpunk genre, good stuff.

    Also read a lot of technical analysis books.

    How's it going with your various projects @Das Jax ?
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    nice one. Season three is great, let me know when youve watched ep 2 or 3 - set in Bulgaria, one of my favourite episodes they've done.
    They've actually just been in London shooting season 4. Strongly recommend you read the book, makes the series even better as understand the Naples ''system'' more after reading it and also just how crazy it is over there in Naples!
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    Ha, I was literally just watching Wire clips on youtube before I wandered in. I also consider The Wire to be the greatest show of all time (followed by Deadwood and Sopranos).
  20. Das Jax

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    Yup, that's him. Super sick stuff. They chopped off hands to prove that... bullets weren't being wasted. You know, because bullets are valuable and stuff.

    I've got nothing against fluff stuff (I cut my teeth on Dragonlance novels and young adult fiction), but all things in moderation. There are only so many hours in the day and you owe it to yourself to fill your mind with something that edifies you every now and then.

    Which projects are you referring to? Work stuff?

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