Invicta FC 32 Spencer vs Sorenson

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    Invicta FC 32 Early Weigh-In Results

    Felicia Spencer (143.7) vs. Pam Sorenson (144.6) – for featherweight title
    Mizuki Inoue (116.4)* vs. Viviane Pereira (115.4)
    Ashley Cummins (105.2) vs. Jessica Delboni (105.1)
    Kaitlin Young (150.5) vs. Sarah Patterson (154.5)*
    Alexa Conners (136) vs. Julia Avila (135.8)
    Erin Blanchfield (125) vs. Kay Hansen (124.8)
    Liz Tracy (125.6) vs. Stephanie Geltmacher (125.9)
    Isis Verbeek (115.4) vs. Kathryn Paprocki (114.6)
    Chelsea Chandler (136.6)* vs. Mitzi Merry (135.4)

    * – Inoue, Patterson and Chandler all missed weight and were fined 25 percent of their respective fight purses
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    Invicta FC 32 Risk $400.00

    Viviane Pereira (+105) vs Mizuki Inoue $200.00 for $210.00
    Ashley Cummins (+136) vs Jessica Delboni $200.00 for $272.00
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    I was on the same plays as you. Looked like Sorenson was gonna win the main event.. Spencer has a good ground game but is still very raw everywhere else.

    Can't believe cummins got that decision the other girl delboni clearly won. Mizuki looked awesome completely outclassed pereira. She should get a shot in ufc.
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    I thought that Cummins/Delboni was very close, no robbery either way. Viviane looked great for the first half a round, after that Mizuki took over.

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