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Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by bum, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Will

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    Well done Jim. 20 seconds in. It was obvious it was a wrap.

    I still think you exposed yourself but you live to fight another day and thats all that matters in this game.
  2. JimGunn

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  3. Beelzebubzy

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  4. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    LFA 56 Risk $1,100.40

    Killys Mota (-215) vs Austin Hubbard ~$241.40 for ~$112.28
    Killys Mota (-276) vs Austin Hubbard $552.00 for $200.00
    Killys Mota (-307) vs Austin Hubbard $307.00 for $100.00
  5. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    One Championship signs U.S. TV deal with TNT, 24 cards to air (supposedly) live in 2019. Hopefully we get lots more odds on these, especially with their Western signings like DJ, Eddie & Sage. Will be interesting to see if they really air live at 5:30 am to 8 am ET like usual or if they adjust the local times in Asia so they start in the afternoon/evening here:
  6. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Correction from Ariel, these One Championship cards will be streamed live behind a paywall on another streaming service called Bleacher Report Live for $9.99/month apparently, not on TNT on tv. TNT will show some taped delayed events and ancillary programming.

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