General MMA discussion and future lines - June 2016

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by Vaughany, Jun 3, 2016.

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    RFA 38: Moises vs. Emmers
    JUNE 3, 2016
    The Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center | Costa Mesa, California

    Main Card
    AXS TV, 10 p.m. ET

    Lightweight Title:

    Jamall Emmers +220
    Thiago Moises -300

    Vinicius Zani +130
    Joe Murphy -170

    Karen Darabedyan +185
    Christos Giagos -265


    couple zuffa vets in giagos & darabedyan there.. no clue what darebedyan's been up to, tho.

    zani made it into the 4th round vs almeida... murphy lost his last two.. go go wiki cap..

    moises' ground game is unreal.. he was losing to castillo last fight but as soon as he had his chance, sliiiiiick armbar. not familiar with emmers, tho.

    leaning no plays, here. thoughts?
  3. JimGunn

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    I enjoy every AXS card but I don't have any lean on these to make a play unless I was just blindly betting.
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    knew i should've played zani as the dog! ah well.
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    Saw that. they diden't let Bisping come out with his flag either. UFC slowly becoming nazi organisation
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    best was Rockhold having to have his adidas shoes covered in tape at weigh-ins! lol Adidas even own Reebok. Beyond a joke
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  10. Mirinquads

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    "50 g's bay-bay... Thanks Luke"

    God damn I can't stay mad at you for long Bisping, you right cunt
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    My family know the fertitas well as we are from same town. My uncles used to go to the house and on their yacht. these kids are real jerks. The old man was pretty cool. rip. But the kids are spoiled rich assholes. Silver spoon stuck up their ass since birth
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    Who is Brock gonna fight? Top 12 are booked up. Mir is suspended.

    Only guy is Hunt. But reports are saying it won't be him.

    Big Foot?
  16. marzwoody

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    Hunt would murk Lesnar. who is the canniest HW they could give him?
  17. Vaughany

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    his old teammate Tuschererrerere

    or Schwaauuuub
  18. Mirinquads

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    Brooks takes Tucherererer -360
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    Bringing back Ruan Potts
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