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Discussion in 'Leftovers Forum' started by PSUMike, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    yea could be dornish people.. sand snakes or w/e..but wouldn't it have to be something that euron would know about? like tyrion was convicted of killing joffrey, for instance.. public knowledge she wants him etc.. but yea i didn't think of that

    i agree dragon is unlikely hehe. and sansa prolly too hard to get? gendry might be a possibility but how would euron know who/where he was... or i'm just hoping they tie up that loose end for crying out loud.. they finally closed the loop (or re-opened it) with benjen.. gendry is just a mystery.
  2. lucky

    lucky Active Member

    He is going to try and take out one of her many enemys. Could be anyone. But I would think he would choose an easier target than the dragons.
  3. marzwoody

    marzwoody Active Member

    First episode was meh.. can kinda see where it's all going
  4. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Hoooooly fucking shit. S7e2 was amazing. The whole thing. It was already amazing before the climax scene. Everything.

    -Varys and olenna dropping some knowledge on daenerys

    -buh-bye terrible sand snakes

    -arya finding out about jon moment

    -nymeria moment (tho not sure what to make of that one)

    -littlefinger pushing Jon's buttons

    Could go on and on. What'd I miss?

    9.5/10 episode. Fuckin loved it


    Oh, btw.. have a theory ... Bran wasn't in this episode but him going thru the wall last one.. the night king touching him (and the three-eyed raven asking with concern if he did)... I wonder if that's what's gonna bring the wall down?
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  5. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    Just watched the official hbo thing with Weiss/benioff

    Ned to Arya "you'll marry a knight and raise son's (etc)

    Arya "that's not me"

    Fast forward to s7e2

    Arya to nymeria "come be my dog again"

    Nymeria walks away with her pack

    Arya realizes "that's not you"

    Not bad...Not bad.
  6. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  7. marzwoody

    marzwoody Active Member

    Yeah it was pretty good. even grey worm got some action
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  8. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    I was about to say "lucky bastard" but then realized.. not so much.
  9. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

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  10. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    s7 e3 was totally fine.

    -evened the playing field quite a bit by having the lannisters pull some quick maneuvers
    -tyrion became totally important again by basically owning both daeny and jon
    -grinned ear to ear when bran told sansa "i have something i need to tell him."
  11. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member



    First 40 mins or whatever were a little bit of a letdown. In particular the cave drawings...

    I loved when bran said "(chaos) is a ladder," tho!!

    But then Jon telling theon "she's not here."...
    ....wowwoowowowow. I was laughing aloud with glee. What a fuckin awesome scene on the battlefield. And bronn is a fuckin boss.
  12. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

  13. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

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  14. marzwoody

    marzwoody Active Member

    Yeah that battle scene was incredible.
  15. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    s7e5 -- loved it.

    sooo much intrigue going on. so many chars meeting up and loose ends finally being tied up (i.e. gendry, i.e. the hound, etc)

    two big theories i have: (i have not watched ANY trailers and have discussed with no one, curious to see if others have come up w/the same conclusions)

    1: littlefinger. MY MAN littlefinger! (if unaware, plz know he's always been my favorite character, heh). so here's my theory. i paused it on the scroll arya read.. it was the scroll that cersei forced sansa to write to robb in season 1. the scroll basically says:
    "robb, King robert baratheon is dead, ned tried to steal the throne, come bend the knee to joffrey"

    so i surmise that littlefinger knew arya was up to no good (working against him) and knew she was following him. so he wanted her to find that specific letter so that he could create a wedge (or further one) between the sisters and get her out of the picture

    2: cersei isn't pregnant. she made it up to get jaime to stay on her side cause she needs him (for the time being, until she has the chance to backstab daenerys etc etc. maybe jaime finds her used westerosi tampons or something later and that drives him to kill her (which is obviously a longstanding theory that he'll become the queenslayer, be the "younger brother to kill her" prophecy etc.

    #1 is definitely more sound than #2, haha.
  16. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    super worried for bronn :/ cersei gonna f him over :(
  17. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    oooooh. i know why they had that scene with "annulment" definition scene.

    rhaegar annulled his marriage and married lyanna.. jon is legit heir over dany
  18. Beelzebubzy

    Beelzebubzy Active Member

    Cant wait for someone to kill the heel of the show, Danyearus
  19. ezflyer

    ezflyer Active Member

    heh. don't think it'll happen
  20. Mirinquads

    Mirinquads Active Member Staff Member

    If Arya falls for that she's a dummy. Should be seeing that shit a mile away with Littlefinger.

    Also, anyone else thought the plan of going to catch a white walker may be the stupidest thing in the literal universe? Jump on the back of a dragon, fly up, boom booom 500k Zombies, aight im convinced. Or take the dragon, grab a couple and show them to Cersei.

    Risking the life of the King in the north for that plan? C'mon now.... Even further, don't the zombies pretty much hang out together at all times? Are they just gonna sneak up behind them and grab one?

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