Bellator 220 MacDonald vs Fitch

Discussion in 'Gambling and Betting Forum' started by JimGunn, Apr 17, 2019.

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  1. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

  2. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    I took Rory at -315 over 41 year old Fitch to win 2 units.
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  3. lucky

    lucky Active Member

    I also took rory
  4. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Fwiw - I have Fitch to win the Tourny at +1800.
    Planning to hedge a bit if he gets to final.
  5. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Bellator 220 official early weigh-in:

  6. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

  7. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Bellator 220 ceremonial weigh-in:

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  8. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    1u Adam Pic +330
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  9. punisherind

    punisherind Active Member Foundation Member

    Samesies 0.5u @ +350
  10. mmaed

    mmaed Member

    Anyone see Fitch has having much of a chance here?
  11. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Yes. If i didnt have the tourny prop id take a sprinkle on him.
  12. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Bellator 220 Risk $630.00

    Rory MacDonald (-315) vs Jon Fitch $630.00 for $200.00
  13. Will

    Will Administrator Staff Member

    Seems like i lost 2 close (and questionable???) decisions according to play by plays on the Henson and Rory fights.
  14. omalley21

    omalley21 Member

    I didn't see the benson fight but Fitch clearly won. Bellator is blatantly rigged.
  15. JimGunn

    JimGunn Active Member

    Just finished watching the card. My Rory bet got voided at least to break even with the draw. I thought Piccolotti should have gotten that decision over Bendo. I would like to see the scorecards for the main event to see how the judges scored each round. I can see anything from 48-47 Rory to 48-47 Fitch. Not sure how two judges arrived at the 47-47 scores. Maybe one 10-8 round for Fitch? Also, based on Rory's post-fight comments, I want to see the line on him vs Neiman in the next round of the tournament June. Neiman looked bigger in the face-off and Bible Thumper Rory sounded like he wanted out of fighting.

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