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Discussion in 'Leftovers Forum' started by Vaughany, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Vaughany

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    god yeah final hour or so was painful. Thought Young Jamie was gonna leap over and attack Eddie! Would of been comedy seeing Young Jamie get his ass strangled!
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  2. Vaughany

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    MLS Plays:

    10 unitz on Vancouver Whitecaps +1 Asian Handicap away at Portland Timbers @ -150;

    10 unitz on Montreal Impact Win/Draw away at Philadelphia Union @ -110;

    10 unitz on Seattle Sounders Win/Draw away at LA Galaxy @ -125;

    10 unitz on Minnesota Utd Draw-no-Bet at home to Colorado Rapids @ Evens;

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  3. Vaughany

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    lol Montreal came back from 3-0 down to draw 3-3!
  4. Vaughany

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    3 winnerz and a push. Take that won't we?!

    + 27.09 unitz
  5. Vaughany

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    Summary of Standard MLS Plays so far:

    Other plays (max play = to win 10 unitz):

    10 unitz on Portland Timbers to beat Minnesota United @ -150; +6.7 unitz
    7 unitz on Portland Timbers/Minnesota United Over 2.5 goals @ -142; +4.9 unitz

    Timbers always strong at home on artificial pitch and fiery home crowd. Have added winger Sebastian Blanco to side who could be Top 5 attacking midfielder in league if he adapts. Very strong midfield and attack now with Chara and Guzman as more defensive midfielders, then lots of creativity in front of them with Diego Valeri, Blanco, and Darlington Nagbe, then Adi up front can score goals. Mattocks pace is very useful off the bench in final 20-30 mins.
    Minnesota Utd meanwhile are new franchise and unlike Atlanta Utd they haven't made any big signings and have kept a lot of their NASL players so should be one of weaker sides this season, especially on the road. Looks like they have weakest defense on paper in the league as well. Expect Portland to win this 2-1.

    5 unitz on Colorado Rapids/New England Revs Under 2.5 goals @ -120; +4.15 unitz
    Rapids very strong on defense last season at home, didnt lose a game and only conceded 7 goals in 17 games!

    5 unitz on DC United/Sporting Kansas Under 2.5 goals @ -115; +4.35 unitz

    10 unitz on Orlando City/New York City FC Over 2.5 goals @ -137; -10 unitz

    10 unitz on Atlanta United/NYRB Over 2.5 goals @ -125; +8 unitz

    Tata Martino who like attacking pressing football, and very strong attacking players in Asad, Villalba, Almiron, Jones, and Martinez suggests that Atlanta will conceded goals and score a fair few this season. NYRB always good for a goal or two with Bradley Wright-Phillips, Kjelstan, Lloyd Sam, etc... and have lost key defensive midfielder and Captain in Dax McCarty so may not be as solid defensively.

    +18.1 unitz profit on other plays after just one loss.

    10 unitz on Atlanta Utd Draw-no-Bet @ +110 away at Minnesota Utd; +11 unitz
    10 unitz on Minnesota Utd/Atlanta Utd Over 2.5 Goals @ Evens; +10 unitz

    +21 unitz profit on other plays thanks to Atlanta's 6-1 annihilation of Minnesota!

    -20 unitz

    Standard plays

    11 unitz on Toronto FC/Sporting Kansas Under 2.5 goals @ -110; +10

    11 unitz on Chicago Fire to beat Montreal @ -110; -11

    10 unitz on Atlanta Utd +1 Asian Handicap @ -135; +7.4
    +6.41 unitz

    10 unitz on Real Salt Lake Draw-no-Bet @ -200 at home to Vancouver Whitecaps; +5 unitz

    Whitecaps have big Champions League second leg game tonight against Tigres so will probably have to rest some key players on Saturday when they play at RSL.

    10 unitz on Atlanta Utd +1 Asian Handicap @ -114 away at Toronto FC. +8.77 unitz

    Also adding:

    10 unitz on Sporting Kansas/Colorado Rapids Under 2.5 goals @ -120; -10 unitz

    10 unitz on Portland Timbers Draw-no-Bet @ +137 away at Philadelphia Union; +13.7 unitz
    +17.47 unitz

    Atlanta conceded in injury time otherwise would of got a push on that one. Still will take +14.5 unitz

    Total cumulative profit so far: +84.57 unitz

    So far so good, only one weekend so far where there was a loss and that was due to overestimating how strong Colorado Rapids are at home due to last season's form. The home advantage is being over-estimated for some sides this season which is why we are getting good value on the win/draw as we found this weekend with Seattle and Montreal. Also Atlanta Utd who I was going to play draw-no-bet on but bottled it. They won easily at Real Salt Lake.
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  6. Vaughany

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    MLS Plays:

    10 unitz on Orlando City @ -118 at home to Colorado Rapids;

    10 unitz on FC Dallas @ -132 at home to Portland Timbers;

    10 unitz on Sporting Kansas @ -150 at home to RSL;

    10 unitz on Seattle Sounders @ -135 at home to New England Revolution;

    10 unitz on LA Galaxy @ -120 at home to Philadelphia Union;

    10 unitz on Atlanta Utd @ -125 at home to DC Utd;
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  7. Vaughany

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    Obviously very high on home sides this weekend! Reason being that teams that are typically very solid at home all seem to be at home this weekend and also happen to be playing sides that are struggling away from home. Portland Timbers will be without best player Diego Valeri and first choice keeper Jack Gleeson so that should really help Dallas get the 3 points.

    Also adding:

    10 unitz on Minnesota Utd Draw-no-Bet @ -130 at home to San Jose Earthquakes;
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    Not enough chalk.
    You got some good prices. Keep up the good work
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    The future belongs to this kid.

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    haha. i don't think that's what was going thru the kid's head.. he prolly got the other ball earlier and just wanted one either way
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    In case none of you saw this... great doc about AJ going in to fight
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  17. Vaughany

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    10 unitz on San Jose DNB @ +137 away at Colorado Rapids;

    10 unitz on Montreal DNB @ -162 at home to Columbus Crew;

    10 unitz on Atlanta Utd +1 Asian Handicap @ -150 away at Portland Timbers;

    10 unitz on Chicago Fire/Seattle Sounders Over 2.5 goals @ -130;

    10 unitz on Orlando City/Sporting Kansas Under 2.5 goals @ -115;
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    @Vaughany whats the picks for tonights games?
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    I don't have much going for me in life right now besides this. F-n Platinum retweeted me :D

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