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Discussion in 'Leftovers Forum' started by Vaughany, Jan 14, 2015.

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    In here I will be discussing the finer things in life such as herbal tea, Gaberz, & underwear.

    Realistically I will be posting photos of handsome actors and critiquing some of their work, along with posting viral videos, as well as quotes by the King himself - Conor McGregor.

    ''Day don't move like I move, day don't tink like I tink, and day don't foight like I foight...''


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    I am currently watching Taken 3.... I can only say that despite it being terrible, it isn't as bad as Taken 2 which was one of the worse sequels of all time - even worse than Predator 2!

    I have seen American Sniper twice... second time I watched it was with some hoer on Sunday morning because she wanted to watch Hunger Games 3 and I wasn't having that whilst in a hungova state so I told her that American Sniper was a Romantic Comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller (of course BC and SM are in it so I was half-telling the truth). She didn't even get suspicious and question me about the genre until about 45 mins into the film (no lie, and yes, this is the kind of girl I bang - a similar IQ level to Jibbbeh). To be fair, and to her credit, she had questioned me about the title of the movie as I put it on - ''American Sniper doesnt sound very romantic?'' - to which I replied by informing her that Bradley Cooper is indeed American, and that the ''Sniper'' part is a metaphor (of sorts) for his ability to seduce women with ease. After explaining to her what a ''metaphor'' is (probably wrongly admittedly) she nodded and allowed me to proceed. If you ignore the fact that Chris Kyle was a lying bullshitter and just try and pretend that it's a completely fictional tale then it is a decent movie... I thought Bradley Cooper was superb and proves that he is a legit actor!

    Oh and by the time it had ended though (and without a happy romantic ending that she expected) the hoer wasn't happy at all and unfortunately for moi there was no cheeky post-movie handie (that I'd expected).

    Next on my list is Jeremy Renner's Kill the Messenger (after finishing this shittty Taken movie).

    Also, new season of Workaholics starts soon!

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  4. ezflyer

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    <3 workaholics
  5. Vaughany

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  6. NunyaBidness

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    Am I the only one who thinks Workaholics jumped the shark? I quit halfway through the last season.

    Same with The League.
  7. omalley21

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    I prefer Always Sunny to workaholics and the league.
  8. Vaughany

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    Some under-rated and not well known movies (IMO) that people should watch if looking for something to see...(please contribute with your own)...

    What Doesn't Kill You - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1133991/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_19

    A rather respectable 6.7 rating on IMBD. Based on the real life story of Boston hardman Brian Goodman who also directed, produced and had an acting role in it. Mark Ruffalo plays Goodman and Ethan Hawke plays his loyal buddy. Considering that it's directed by a guy with no experience in directing and had a very low budget I think it's a terrific movie. Mark Ruffalo is awesome and IMO this is probably his best role yet IMO. Hawke is also solid, and the soundtrack composed by Alex Wurman is superb - really goes well with the Southie Boston setting!

    25th Hour - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307901/?ref_=nv_sr_1

    One of my favourite movies of all time (in Top 5), and was always going to be seeing as 3 of my favourite actors star in it - Edward Norton, Philip Seymour-Hoffman, and Barry Pepper. Rosario Dawson, Brian Cox, and Anna Paquin also in it, and is Directed by Spike Lee. To this day I have no idea how this movie wasn't a bigger success! The three main actors are all incredible in it.

    Edward Norton used all the money he made from Red Dragon to finance the movie. The movie was made right after 9/11 happened and the aftermath of the World Trade Centre destruction features heavily in the movie which makes it very haunting and powerful.

    One of my favourite scenes ever!...
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  9. Vaughany

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    Well yes, last season had some terrible episodes, but were still a few funny ones. I will still stick with it though and give season 5 a chance
  10. marzwoody

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    Dumb hoers are so easily to manipulate. its almost like you have an unfair advantage or something.

    Like talking to a different species or something. o_O
  11. Will

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    Peaky Blinders

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    V - where are you in this pic from MSG over the weekend?

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  13. That's relieving, I stopped watching Workaholics at the beginning of last season.
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    Watched The Babadook tonight. Not a big fan of horror films, I was aware of some of the hype behind this one, but avoided it until I read that Friedkin said it was the scariest film he'd ever seen.

    Anyway, terrific, terrific movie. Won't give anything away. Quality acting and direction, shocking that its a first timer, she wears her influences on her sleeve. Moving, and keeps you on your toes, you're never quite sure where its going to end up.
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    I did want to smack that kid a couple times, awesome movie though.
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    I had that on my to watch list. now i will.
  17. sbjj

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    Never even heard of it. 97% rotten tomatoes. Impressive!
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  19. Vaughany

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    hahaa yeah I thought the same
  20. Vaughany

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    The Jared Leto as Mark Chapman lookalike top left of screen with glasses on!
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